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Physics Answers

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If you put 75 newtons of force into a machine and lift an object with a weight of 150 newtons, what can you say about the percent efficiency of the machine? A. The machine is 50% efficient...

Someone exerts a force of 67 N over a distance of 38 cm on a wedge. If the efficiency of the wedge is 50%, what is the output work? A. 12.7 J B. 50.9 J C. 335 J D. 1,273 J

A pulley system has a percent efficiency of 74%. How does this value change over time as this machine does work on a bucket of sand? A. It decreases. B. It increases. C. It doesn't...

During heavy rain, a section of a mountainside measuring 2.5km horizontally, 0.80km up along the slope, and 2.0 m deep slips into a valley in a mud slide. Assume that the mud ends up uniformly distributed...

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