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Inequalities Answers

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the kinetic energy of a moving object is related to its mass and velocity by the formula Ek=1/2mv2 , where Ek is the kinetic energy in joules, m is the mass of the object in kilograms, and v...

the solutions to (x-A) (x-B)≤0 is    a){x|A≤x≤B,xER}   b) {x|B≤x≤A,xER}   c) {x|x≥A or x≤B,xER}   d) {x|x≥B or x≤A,xER}

Amber is working to earn money for a down payment on a car. She wants to save at least $1000. Amber makes $15 per hour at a part-time job and $10 per hour babysitting. Draw a graph to show some of...

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