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Exponential Functions Answers

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In an effor to control vegetation overgrowth, 82 rabbits are released in an isolated area Free of predators. After 2 years, it is estimated that the rabbit population has increased to 328. Assuming...

The value of a machine, V, at the end of t years is given by V=C(1-R)t , where C is the original cost and r is the rate of depreciation. Find the value of a machine at the end of 4 years if the...

The revenue function is given by R(x) =x*p(x) dollars where x is the number of units sold and p(x) is the unit price. If p(x)=50(5)-x/5 find the revenue if 10 units are sold. Round to two decimal...

Tessa invests $7200 in a new savings account which earns 5.5% annual interest, compound quarterly. What will be the value of her investment after 7 years? Round to the nearest cent. 

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