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the speed of light and it relationship to frequency and wavelength the equation c = f?.


Measuring the Speed of Light
With Chocolate  when microwaving.

Distance between the hot spots ______________________________cm
Wavelength _____________________________________________cm
Wavelength _____________________________________________m
Frequency of the microwave ________________________________m
EQUATION _____________________________________________
Your calculated speed of light _______________________________m/s

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You need to supply the spacing of the hot spots and the frequency of the microwave oven. This will vary from oven to oven.



Distance between the hotspots: 4 cm
Wavelength: 25 cm
Wavelength: 1.0 m
Frequency of the microwave: 300 MHz
EQUATION _____________________________________________
Your calculated speed of light _______________________________m/s


The distance between hotspots is the wavelength. What role do the other two wavelengths serve? 

c = ??, where ? is the frequency and ? is the wavelength.

The other two wavelengths serve to teach and get the student to realize:
1) the distance between hotspots IS the wavelength.
     so distance = X  then they have to write the same number
     wavelength = X
2) that the wavelength for the equation must be in meters
     so converting 
     wavelength X in cm
     wavelength Y in meters
Often teachers will make a worksheet where the student writes the same thing
in different ways or different laces to get them to realize some king of relationship or fact.
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