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learning disability and my 15 yr old daughter, what should I look for in a tutor?

My 15 yr old daughter has a learning disabiltiy. She has trouble in math. looking for a math tutor who has expierence with teenagers with this problem. looking for a tutor for the rest of the school year and over summer

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When looking for a tutor it is also important that they be a good match with the areas in math that your daughter struggles.  Often different math concepts can use different teaching methods and if the tutor is familiar with multiple, engaging ways of presenting the material your daughter will more likely succeed.  Comfort with the teacher is important.  I have found that people learn in different ways and when I can figure out how they learn specifically I am more able to assist them.  This then helps them feel better and more confident.

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I suggest looking for a tutor who is very patient and encouraging, and who has worked with similar students before. Depending on how your daughter feels, a female tutor might make her more comfortable, while a tutor who is willing to work problems out thoroughly will give her a good chance to follow the material. Don't be afraid to try out several tutors and see who "clicks" best with your daughter; having a good relationship makes tutoring go a lot more smoothly.

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I am a Certified Mathematics Teacher that has a Masters Degree in General and Special Education.  I have been teaching for 10 years and deal with students with special needs on a daily basis.  I will be more than willing to tutor your daughter.  Please contact me and we can discuss your daughters specific needs and challenges.  Together we will be able to help her overcome her struggles in math.  I am in Franklin Sq, NY and will travel to your location.