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Parathyroid tumor removed. How to heal bone density loss quickly?

The parathyroid tumor has been removed. My bone density is going to rebound quickly afterwards. I am going to treat this rejuvenation as if it was a multiple fracture situation. I want to rebuild super healthy bone. What is my best course of action? Garbage in is garbage out so I do not want to restore and rebuild my bone with trash and haphazardly. I want to maximize this unique opportunity for bone rebirth.  My parathyroid tumor has been depleting my bones of calcium for years. Now is my opportunity to do what mother nature originally did in the womb. I want to nurture this in the most healthy way possible. There has to be someone out there in the healthcare field that has a unique professional perspective. I am thinking that chemo-survivors have to rebuild bone after being poisoned to the point of death. Is there a protocol for restoring bone loss ?

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Please contact centers for "cell replacement therapy" as well as cancer centers that provide cell replacement therapy. They can take  your cells and reprogram those  and put  back for your bones to grow normally.
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Thank you for your experienced and professional reply. I did not know there was such a thing as "cell replacement therapy". I will defiantly find someone in my area that practices this kind of therapy. You made a positive impact and  probably added healthy years to my life with one simple answer. I hope others find this equally beneficial. Again, thank you so much.  RJC
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Parathyrod hormone and calcitonin from the thyroid gland have opposing effects on levels of calciem ions in blood. PTH increases the blood calciem levels where as, calcitonin decreases the blood ca levels. In your case the underline cause is tumor of parathyroid gland that might be benign or malignant that leads the PT gland secret excecive PTH w/c is responsible for Ca resorption from bone. So eliminating the underlined cause could help to regain the normal calciem ion homeostasis.


While it is true that PTH increases blood calcium level and calcitonin decreases it, the occurrence of tumor (benign or malignant) indicates hormonal misregulation. Perhaps tumor was secreting more calcitonin, only a qualified  physician can prescribe the test to check  the hormonal level. If once the tumor  has formed, the likelihood is that it might form again for the same genetic reasons. Genome cannot be changed but cellular reprogramming can change the genome in those parathyroid cell types to prevent tumor formation by eliminating the cause. That is exactly wwhat I had suggested before.