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i have difficulty toget the answer tothis problem f=9/5 C+32 For C equation for the specified variable


f=9/5 C+32 For C

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1 Answer

To solve this equation for C, you need to isolate the on one side, and bring every other part of the equation to the other side of the equal sign.  First, subtract 32 from both sides.  Now, you have F-32 = 9/5C. Next step is to multiply both sides by 5/9, in order to get the C by itself. The result is C = 5/9 (F - 32).  


You can also do this~ 5(F=9/5C+32) and times the whole equation by 5. So then you get~ 5F=9C+160 then subtract 160 from both sides and you get~ 5F-160=9C then you divide both sides by 9 and you get~5F-160/9=C.