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How do you solve a problem dealing with miles and time, trying to creat a x and y chart??

For example: A girl was driving about 66 miles. She startd at 2:48 and she wanted to get to the airport about 4:00 pm. How long will it take her??


I guess your question would be" What is the speed of the girl so that she can get to the airport ontime?" since if she started at 2:48 and she wanted to get to the airport at 4:00PM, it would take her 1h 12' or 72 minutes.

I think that those are good answers but  u need on these question one half hour after 4:00in the morning
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If the question is the one I suggested in the comment, you can draw a diagram to solve this problem.

                            2:48                                   66miles                            4:00


I couldnt draw a better picture since it does not support the drawing tools here. Basically, you draw a line with start and end points, label the time and the distance.

From given information, we have:

                                 - Distance = 66 miles

                                 - Time = 1h12' or 72 minutes

                                 - Speed = distance/time = 66/72  miles/min

However, if we want to get the speed in miles/hour (m/h), we will multiply by 60 (1h = 60') to get 55m/h.

Hope that helps!





Set up your graph, where x=distance and y=time.  The only problem with your question is that you don't give MPH, though Quynh explains it well.


Hey, guys - you are missing a point here: the original question was

"How long will it take her?"  we know that depends on her mph, and we have all been in this situation where if we go faster, we win some time.

At 55 mph, she will barely have time to park and get to the gate!

Let's NOT go back to the Nixon double-nickle!

She should do at least the speed limit, 60 or 70, to give herself time to park, get her luggage out, get a cart, and go to check-in:

a. at 60 mph she will do the 66 miles in 1.1 hours or 66 minutes; and she will arrive at 3:54 pm. That may work.

b. at 70 mph, she will  make it in ["dirt' or d=rt]   t = 66/70 = 56.6 minutes, i.e. at about 1448 + 57 mintues = 3:45 PM, giving her time.

PLEASE, iclude the human element in your calculations; it helps!

That is not a legitimate question.  'How long will it take her?'  4:00 has no relevance.  The issue is speed over distance, so Quinh is correct.