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Use the method of substitution to solve the system of linear equations.

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1 Answer

You need to solve for y or x in one of the equations. In this case, it would be easiest to solve for y in the first equation. Which would give you : y = 4x - 3

Then you take what you got for y and replace y in the other equation. so instead of y we put in 4x - 3. Which gives us the following:

9x - 2 (4x -3) = 8. 

Then you solve for x. First you distribute the 2:

9x - 8x + 6 = 8

Combine like terms:

x = 2


Then you plug that value back into either equation to get y. 

y = 4 (2) - 3

Which makes y = 5. So your ordered pair is (2,5)