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what x equals?

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Hello Kevin, Here is how to solve for X

step 1: put all the x terms on one side by minusing the 4x from the left side and moving it to the right side like this


step 2: isolate the x terms by taking the 8 and moving it to the left side of the equation by minusing it from the right side. 


step 3: simplify like terms by applying adition and subtraction properties to both sides like this


step 4: divide both sides by 2 to finish solving for x 

x =  5 


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Hi Kevin!

In general, you always want to simplify both sides of an equation prior to moving terms across the equal sign.  In the problem you provided, you can simplify both the left and the right side by combining the like terms.

5 + 4x -7 = 4x + 8 - 2x

The terms in bold are considered like terms and can be combined. 

-2 + 4x = 2x + 8

Now that you have simplified each side, you can begin to solve for "x".  The objective is to get all variable terms to one side and all constant terms to the other.  You will use inverse operations to do so.

I like to get the variables on the left side (most textbooks do this), but you don't have to. 

Step 2:  Subtract 2x from both sides  

-2 + 2x = 8

Step 3:  Add 2 to both sides

2x = 10

Step 4:  Divide both sides by 2

x = 5

And you are done.  I hope this helps.  :)