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I need to know HOW step by step to find the roots (poles) of this equation

The equation

T(jw) = (1/((1-2w^2)+(j(2w-w^3))

I know this has n=3 complexity due to the Omega raised to the 3rd power

The "answer" I have benn given for denominator poles; s=-1 s= -0.5 + j0.866 and s=-0.5 - j0.866

Please tell me how these poles were determined.

I believe s, the complex frequency = alpha + jw

w = (2pi)F where F= frequency or 1/t t=time I just dont know the procedure for how to come up

with the three "answers" I under real and imaginary parts as in j=square root of -1

I remember something about complex conjugates

both positive and negative must simultaneously occur please help thx

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