Taylor H.

asked • 01/01/22

Will somebody please help mw with these Physics questions.

A ball attached to a string is whirled in a circle. If the string breaks, what causes the ball to move in a straight line?

a. inertia

b. centripetal force

c. centripetal acceleration

d. centrifugal force

A boy can raise a rock that weighs 120 N by using a lever and applying a force of 25 N. What is the mechanical advantage of the lever?

a. 4.8

b. 225

c. .21

d. 3.5

A dog sits 1.25 m from the center of a merry go round and revolves at a tangential speed of 2.0 m/s. If the dog's mass is 19.3 kg, what is the magnitude of the centripetal force on the dog?

a. 40. N

b. 61.8 N

c. 103 N

d. 21.3 N

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Heidi T. answered • 01/01/22

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MS in Mathematics, PhD in Physics, 7+ years teaching experience

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