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Programming 3-11

A size of a jumbo candy bar with rectangular shape is l x w x h. Due to rising costs of cocoa, the volume of the candy bar is to be reduced by p%.

To accomplish this, the management decided to keep the height of the candy bar the same, and reduce the length and width by the same amount.

For example, if l = 12, w = 7, h = 3, and p = 10, then the new dimension of the candy bar is 11.39 x 6.64 x 3.

Below is an example of how the completed program should work:

Enter the length, width, and height of the candy bar separated by space(s): 12 7 3

Enter the amount of the reduced volume as a percentage: 10

The new dimensions of the candy bar is: 11.38 x 6.64 x 3.00

Format your output with setprecision(2) to ensure the proper number of decimals for testing!

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