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Penelope J.

asked • 10d

Please help me very quickly with one question. Please.

Put the following in chronological order from 1 to 8:

The French and Indian War

The Stamp Act

The Townshend Acts

Committees of Correspondence

The Tea Act

The Boston Tea Party

The Intolerabel Acts

The First Continental Congress

Jared M.

1 French and Indian War (Seven Years War) 2 Stamp Act 3 Townshend Acts 4 Tea Act 5 Boston Tea Party 6 Intolerable Acts (Specifically on Massachusetts and Boston harbor) 7 First Continental Congress It is hard to place the Committees of Correspondence because this is just a general term for letters between colonial governors like Ben Franklin and other members of what would become the first Continental Congress. So technically it would probably go somewhere between the Stamp Act or Tea act and continue on through to the First Continental Congress.


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Carrie B. answered • 9d

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