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Arleth R.

asked • 5d

Determine the probability P(4)

A binomial experiment has the given number of trials n and the given success probability p. n=9 ,p=0.1.Determine the probability P(4).

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Tom K.

Nice work, Mike. I would have used x for the number of successes rather than N, as I believe it would have been less confusing. Also, note that most calculators, Excel, etc. can perform this calculation with one inputting the number of trials, the number of successes, and the probabilities. Also, these platforms also often provide cumulative probabilities, the distribution function or cdf (in this case, P(X <= 4) ), in addition to the pmf, P(X = 4). In Excel, it is the binom.dist function, with a final value of 0 for the pmf and 1 for the cdf. In this case, it would be binom.dist(4,9,.1,0)


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