Bryce B.

asked • 11/20/19

Momentum and impulse problems

1.Bobby has a mass of 55 kg and he runs down the length of a football field at 3.8 m/s in an effort to catch the football being passed to him. What is his momentum?

2.A car is driving on highway 78 and has a momentum of 47,400 kgm/s. If the car is 1,800 kg, what is the velocity of the car?

3.A golfer swings the club with a force of 8,000 N. If the club makes contact with the golf ball for only 0.22 s, then what impulse is given to the golf ball?

*answer and explanation please*

Mark H.

Did you understand my general answer? If not, it would be helpful to post which parts you did not undertand


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Mark H. answered • 11/20/19

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