Delanie D.

asked • 10/22/19

4.08 Poetic Structure and Form

Complete a TP-Fast chart for the poem “The Author to Her Book” by Anne Bradstreet (p 243)

T Title Consider the title and make a prediction of what the poem is about.
P Paraphrase Translate the poem by paraphrasing it line in your own words.
F Figurative Language Look for figurative language,(similes, metaphors) imagery, and/ or  sound elements.  Be sure to label the type of figurative language you note. Also use quotation marks and line numbers to cite the text.
A Attitude/ Tone Notice the speaker’s tone and attitude.
S Speaker Who is the speaker? (Note, the speaker and the poet are not one and the same)
S Shift Shifts in tone/ attitude or speaker
T Theme What is thetheme of the poem?  (Hint: Use a thematic statement formula such as “The poem _________is about (subject) and reveals ______________ (message). “

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Matthew M. answered • 10/23/19

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Delanie D.

Thank you so much!


Matthew M.

No Problem, It was fun. If you ever need help analyzing any literature or doing any assignments please let me know.


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