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Natasha D.

asked • 09/23/19

[SOLVED] Specific Question About Solving: In a TV, the screen height is 0.75 times the screen width. It measures 39 inches diagonally, what is the screen width?

Thank you to the experts who helped me! I’ll leave this question up in case another student has a similar problem, but it is solved

I’ve seen the solution to this problem, but am confused as to why a certain step is taken when solving via Pythagorean’s theorem.

w^2+0.75w^2=1521 becomes


Why/How does 0.75w^2 become 0.5625w^2 in solving this problem?

The answer I need to get is w=31.248039, which I think I’d be able to get myself once I understand the question above :)

Thanks in advance.

2 Answers By Expert Tutors


Natasha D.

Thank you so much! It was eating at me. Such a simple answer, it’s definitely not a mistake I’ll make again haha. Have a great week!


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