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Would like to learn how to down load pictures do face book page and evites

Iknow general computer skills want to expand knowledge

Downloadpictures from my I pprint to print

Learn how to do an e vite

Learn how to face book


In order to assist you I need a bit more information... On your first question, are you speaking of iPrint which is typically used on a Novell network? Second question, are you referring to the actual web site? And third question, have you created a facebook account yet, or is that what you need assistant with? Hope to hear back from you soon!

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2 Answers

To download a photo from the internet -- 


Internet Explorer - Right-click photo and "Save photo as" to save it to your desktop or another folder on your computer.

Google Chrome - Right-click photo and "Save image as" ...


To Facebook, go to and open a facebook account! Follow the instructions on the site.

The fastest way and perhaps the easiest way to download picture, is clicking on the image on the original site where you find the picture you want, and with the right mouse button hold down, drag it to the desktop or the folder you want, in the previously opened explorer from your PC.