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how do i do this

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Katherine F. | Ms. Katt, All Math K-12Ms. Katt, All Math K-12

If you are trying to simplify/reduce the expression:

Please note I added the ().


** Notice there is a v in both the numerator(top) and denominator(bottom) of the fraction. We know that anything divided by itself is equal to 1. Therefore (v/v) will disappear; the will remain because we cannot cancel it with anything in the numerator. We are now left with...


** There are no more common variables in the numerator and denominator so we can check to see if the fraction can be reduced. Is there a number that divides evenly into 9 and 96?? The answer is yes and the number is 3. So 9÷3 = 3 and 96÷3 = 32. So now we have...


**The fraction cannot be reduced any further and we cannot combine it with 55 as it doesn't have a common denominator. If you need further instructions on combining like terms please let me know. If I made the wrong assumption about the location of the variable please let me know that also and I will be more than happy to help.