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Which of these excerpts from poems by Emily Dickinson uses irony?


My cocoon tightens, colors tease,

I'm feeling for the air;

A dim capacity for wings

Degrades the dress I wear.


Could she have guessed that it would be;

Could but a crier of the glee

Have climbed the distant hill;

Had not the bliss so slow a pace, —

Who knows but this surrendered face

Were undefeated still?


One dignity delays for all,

One mitred afternoon.

None can avoid this purple,

None evade this crown.


There's a certain slant of light,

On winter afternoons,

That oppresses, like the weight

Of cathedral tunes.

Heavenly hurt it gives us;

We can find no scar,

But internal difference

Where the meanings are.


Exultation is the going

Of an inland soul to sea, —

Past the houses, past the headlands,

Into deep eternity!

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