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how do you find the linear function with slope -11/7 and y interceept (0,-7)

find linear function f(x) =mx+b with slope of -11/7 and y intercept of (0,-7)


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1 Answer

The function f(x)=mx+b is in slope-intercept form. Where m = slope and b = the y intercept. When you are given a point in the form (0, y), this is your y-intercept and y = b in the slope-intercept equation. So in this case f(x)=(-11/7)x-7.


Nice explanation, Johanna! Questions like this come up a lot in algebra - many simple problems are hard because of the terminology and new vocab being thrown at students.

Lisa - you might try making a reference sheet of terms and formulas. Put things into your own words, then use the sheet to "translate" your homework problems. You can add to it as you go, and it'll be a great reference for you to have in Algebra 2.

Katherine P.