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why does the us not abbreviate words? like as in the govn.

lalalalalalalalalalalalalala. ok my class at school wants to know why the government does not use abbrevations? Well thx :)

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Not entirely sure if this is the reason you're looking for but: provides: "Do not abbreviate association, assistant, attorney, building, district, government, president, detective, professor or superintendent". It is assumed that these are not abbreviated so writers follow proper formatting.

Other Good Sources are: provides that one must "abbreviate the United States only when used as an adjective. Spell it out whenever it is used as a noun".  and "Use abbreviations and acronyms sparingly unless your readership is familiar with them." gives more information and provides that "United States must be spelled out when appearing in a sentence containing the name of another country. The abbreviation U.S. will be used when preceding the word Government or the name of a Government organization, except in formal writing (treaties, Executive orders, proclamations, etc.); congressional bills; legal citations and courtwork; and covers and title pages."

and provides, in reference to abbreviation,

"Names not commonly familiar to the public should not be reduced to acronyms solely to save a few words" and "Do not use abbreviations or acronyms that the reader would not quickly recognize."