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I have a project on a book that i have read can you help me find my perfect song with no bad words in it

it is a book about a girl her name is Liz and she has a lot of animals in her house her life is never one mood and she is running for class president and her worst enemy Jo Donna is running against her and is so rude to her and picks on and bullys her. she is also very shy and she has a mother and a father she is upset because every time she has friends over to help her with her to help her with her campaign an animal either gets out of their cage. or they are in one location and the friends go to the location and It always ends up bad. her best friend sally was helping her with her campaign and then Liz had a pet ibex and sally ran into the backyard where the ibex named Ivan was in the backyard and he is very protective over his owners. so what happened is sally ran into the backyard and Ivan butted sally with his horn and hurt sally and so she go upset and started helping Jo Donna out with her campaign.


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How about the song "Side by Side," about two friends who have been together through thick and thin. Maybe Liz would sing it to Sally to remind her they've been friends for a long time and will be forever.
"When they've all had their troubles and parted,
we'll be the same as we started,
Just travelin' along, singin' our song,
Side by side..."
Good luck--sounds like a fun project!
Matt in New York
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I think to do this project, you must focus on one element in the story -- take a specific scene to have a song about because there isn't really a song that could capture all of that.
So you have choices, break down the story into sections:
The campaign
Jo Donna/Enemies
I think you should use Eye of The Tiger by Survivor -- might be a bit before your time, but it would be a good fit for the Animal/campaign part -- The song quotes :
"It's the eye of the tiger" -- animals, even though the song isn't literally about animals, it compares the person to a tiger
"It's the thrill of the fight, rising up to the challenge of our rivals" -- Jo donna is her rival and Liz is going to keep trying to win the campaign even though she has no one to help her
The song depicts how Liz is going to keep moving forward in the campaign regardless of what happens. Good luck! :)