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5 over x squared the whole thing multiplied by x to the 13 power

5 over xtimes x13. i am trying to explain it to my son... please help

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Kevin S. |
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It sounds like you have (5/x2) * x13

By the commutative property of multiplication, I can rewrite this as (5x13)/x2
(Division is the same as multiplying by the reciprocal, so 5/x2 is the same as 5 * 1/x2)

I can then rewrite as 5 * x13/x2 . I can then reduce the fraction to 5x11 (5 * x13 - 2). 


I can also look at this with negative exponents: 5/x2 is the same as 5x-2 . Therefore, (5/x2)x13 = 5x-2x13 = 5x13 - 2 = 5x11