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Christopher W.

asked • 09/26/18


Dan earns $38.25 per month working as a tutor. He worked as a tutor for 5 months. He also earned $62.75 walking dogs in the neighborhood. He spent $22.50 of his total earning to buy a movie ticket and candy. Dan put 1/4 of the remaining money in his savings account. Dan used the following steps to find the total money he put in his savings account:

Step 1: [($38.25 × 5) + $62.75 - $22.50] x 1/4

Step 2: [$191.25 + $62.75 + $22.50] x 1/4

Step 3: $276.50 x 1/4

Step 4: $69.125

Where did he make his mistake?

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