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How to put { x l -6 < x < 12 } as a graph

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1 Answer


  The statement is describing a set, that is a set that x belongs to.  Note that because the upper and lower limits (12 and -6 respectively) are specified with < and > signs the set is open at the upper and lower limits.  In other words the set does not include 12 or -6.  

  I would graph this as a bold line between -6 and 12 with a open circle (like an O) at each end to indicate the open set.  The bold line would run along the x axis.

  The verbal descriptin would be:  " All x values greater than -6 but less than 12".  (Note: this does not include -6 or 12)

  Note:  Because no Y or additional dimensions are specified in the statement, I treat this as a  one dimensional, X, problem.