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Simplify (x^-5*(y^-6*z^1)^2)/(x^4*y^-1*z^-2) Write your answer with positive exponents only.

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1 Answer

That looks like [x-5 (y-6z1)2]/(x4y-1z-2)

First, simplify the exponent outside the innermost parentheses:

[x-5 y-12z2 / (x4y-1z-2)

From there, subtract the exponents of the similar factors in the denominator from the exponents in the numerator:

x-5-4 y-12 - (-1)z2 - (-2)

x-9 y-11 z4

Since x-a = 1/xa, anything with a negative exponent gets moved to the denominator:

z/ (x9y11)