Theresa L.

asked • 09/19/14

Deviation anxiety

A researcher is interested in comparing a new self-talk method for reducing anxiety in individuals who are “clinically anxious.” Assume the mean and standard deviation of this measure of anxiety for the population of anxious people are (μ = 45, σ = 11.2). A group of n = 71 randomly selected patients with an anxiety diagnosis are trained on the self-talk method and use this method for several weeks. Following this, they were measured on with the anxiety scale. The sample mean and standard deviation were : M = 41.3, s = 9.7. Use the 5 steps of null hypothesis testing to determine whether the self-talk method changed the anxiety of the group of patients. Use an α = .01 (99% significance level), two-tailed test. Be sure to clearly label each step. (show all work)

Dattaprabhakar G.

You r welcome, Theresa!  Dr. G.


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Dattaprabhakar G. answered • 09/21/14

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Theresa L.

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