Dee E.

asked • 06/16/18

I'm confused on how to solve this worded problem

the question is:
to earn extra money, martin works part-time in a butchers shop. In a particular week during the school holidays he worked twice as many hours on tuesday as he did on monday but only 3/4 the hours on wednesday compared to monday. for these three days he received $127.50. if he is paid $8.50 per hour, how many hours did martin work on monday?

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Arturo O. answered • 06/16/18

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Dee E.

I tried using that equation but I still got a different answer ot the textbook


Arturo O.

I just noticed and fixed a typo in the equation.  The number on the right should be 127.50 (I had 127.60 before).  I am sure the equation is correct, given the wording of the question.  I get
h = 4 hours
What does your book say?


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