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What is the theme of the olive tree and the fig tree

U should be careful what u say

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In Aesop's fables the olive tree boasts that it keeps it's leave throughout the year while the fig tree becomes naked in the winter. The olive tree is hit by lightening and consumed. 
Moral: boasting can lead to unexpected disaster.
Aphthonius has a version in which the olive tree is covered with heavy snow and the branches break off while the "naked" fig allows the snow to fall to the ground.


I wish students would state the context of the question.  There can be radically different answers, both correct, depending on the context of the question.
What does ELA mean?  Being from Puerto Rico, to me that means "Estado Libre Asociado".
ELA = English Language Arts
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If this is a Biblical studies question, both the olive tree and the fig tree are considered by Bible scholars to represent Israel.
Now I have a question for you:  What do you mean by saying "U should be careful what u say"?