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Please solve for x any y:(3y-2)+(4y-2)=31

Solve for x and y


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Matthew F. | I can help you NOW!!!I can help you NOW!!!

put all the "y" numbers on one side of the equal sign and the numbers without "y" on the other side.  Now you have "like terms" on each side of the equal sign.  Add/subtract these like terms and you should get y=some number, with a number in front of y also.  Divide both sides of the equal sign by that number and you'll get y = the correct answer.  If it makes it easier, just take those parentheses away, but keep your positives and negatives (adding & subtracting too) correct.  Don't forget to change the sign (positive/negative) when you move something to the other side of the equal sign.  Let me know if you're still stuck and I can show you how to get started.