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Shrikant G.

asked • 02/15/18

Find the value of x if ( 60-3x) and (4x-7) are the opposite angles of any cyclic quadrilateral

I am confused by this, and unable to understand this 

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Andrew M. answered • 02/15/18

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Mathematics - Algebra a Specialty / F.I.T. Grad - B.S. w/Honors

Andrew M.

By the way, a quck few second google of 
"opposite angles of a cyclic quadrilateral"
would have told you that they add to 180 degrees.
A rapid research would have gotten your answer
quicker than posting it here and waiting for a
response that may or may not come.  Just a 
tiny bit of effort and you can learn something
yourself.  Try it.  
Best of luck.   :-)


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