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How do I solve this AP Chemistry problem on an antidote for cobra venom

You and a co-worker have developed a molecule that has shown potential as cobra antivenom  (AV). This antivenom works by binding to the venom  (V), thereby rendering it nontoxic. This reaction can be described by the rate law:
Rate = k [AV]^1 [V]^1

You have been given the following data from your coworker: [V]_0=0.20M [AV]_0=1.0×10^-4M A plot of ln [AV] versus t (s) gives a straight line with a slope of -0.32s^-1. What is the value of the rate constant (k) for this reaction?

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Since the plot of ln [AV] v. time is a straight line, this tells you the reaction is 1st order with respect to [AV].  This can also be seen from the rate law since the exponent of [AV] is 1.  For a first order reaction, the slope of the line = - k.  Since the slope of the line is given to you as -0.32s-1, the value of k = 0.32 s-1