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in a class of 115 students, 51 received a grade of an A. what fraction of the class did not receive an A?

i do not know where to start please help me solve. i dont know what the fraction is? so please reply

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Brett K. | Experienced Math and Spanish TutorExperienced Math and Spanish Tutor
51/115 got an A.
So the rest did not receive an A.
So 115-51=64 students did not receive an A
So 64/115 is the fraction of students who did not receive an A
You need to get a good hold of fractions soon. This won't be the last time seeing one. 


I got 64/115 it's just the part where it said "reduce to the lowest terms" threw me off. I was looking for something that wasn't need but thank you for your response. 
Addie C. | Physics/Chemical-Biomedical Engineering Student at OUPhysics/Chemical-Biomedical Engineering ...
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You know that there are a total of 115 students in the class.
If 51 got A's that means that (115-51) is the amount of students who did not get A's.
In order to find the fraction, you just plug in the number of students who didn't get A's divided by the total number of students.
This should bring you to your answer of 64/115 :)