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how much of the chemical can the container hold?

Scientists have a cube shaped container they need to fill with a liquid chemical one side of the cube is 9.57 inches long how much of the chemical can the container hold?

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A cube by definition has all edges the same and all corners have 90ยบ angles between the edges.
So you need to find the volume of the cube by V = (edge)3.
(9.57 in) x (9.57 in) x (9.57 in) = the volume of the cube (in cubic inches).
That is how many in3 of the chemical the cube can hold.
But since the chemical is a liquid it might be more appropriate to express
the volume in a liquid measure.  You could convert the inches to cm and
then change the cm to ml using the right conversions.  Or you could convert
the cubic inches to cups, pints, quarts, or gallons - you just need to find
the conversion factor on the internet.
But I am guessing, just guessing, that telling cubic inches is enough for you teacher.
(Unless the teacher gave other directions.)