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Seyda S.

asked • 01/21/18

A 100kg box sits on the bottom of a 35 degree ramp...

A 100kg box sits on the bottom of a 35 degree ramp. A rope is attached and used to pull at an accelerate of 2.38m/s2. Mue=.345. With what force does the person pulling the rope have to apply?

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Arturo O. answered • 01/21/18

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Seyda S.

Thank you! Hat if the rope breaks at the top of a 30.0m ramp, what would the acceleration of the box moving down the ramp be?


Arturo O.

The height will not affect the acceleration.  It will be constant.  Since there is no T when the rope breaks, the box will start to slide down, under acceleration of gravity, opposed by friction.  The magnitude of the downward acceleration parallel to the plane can be found from
ma = mg sinθ - μmg cosθ
a = g(sinθ - μ cosθ)


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