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What are the topics that are going to be on the 7th grade 2013 ny midterms if you can a study guide would be nice

I'm taking the 7th grade 2013 ny math midterms i would like to know what are the topics


and or include a study guide if possible


Pay attention in class and do your assignments.  If your teacher is teaching the given curriculum, you should already know everything that you need.



  I have to agree with John.

  Look on the internet and in your local library for examples of previous year exams.  The actual questions and answers for this year won't be there but the essential topic will be represented. 

Good Luck,   BruceS

PS Caution:  Relying completely on last year's test is like driving down the road looking out the back window of your car.  You are fine until the road turns!

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