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The tortoise moves at 50 feet per hour while the hare moves at 250 feet per hour. The tortoise takes 8 hours longer than the hare to finish.

I need to find the distance of the race. What equation/how do I set up an equation to find the distance of the race?

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Setting it up is usually the hard part in a word problem.
First what are the quantities involved?
D = distance of the race
50 = Rate(tortoise)
T = Time(tortoise)
250 = rate(hare)
T-8 = time(hare)

The standard formula for all constant motion is
D = r * t
We have two animals running the same distance, so
50 * t = 250 * (t-8)

Solve for t
Now substitute it into
D = 50 * t
To get the distance.