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Jared has 3/7 of the minutes on a family phone plan remaining for the month.

If divided equally, what portion of the minutes remaining on the phone plan would be available for each person?


How many other persons?

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Sonia G. | Certified Special Education TeacherCertified Special Education Teacher
Hi Jenna,
As Mark has pointed out, it looks like the word problem might be missing some information. I am going to give some guidance based on the information provided.
One thing I would do is plug in a number to use as the total number of minutes. In this case, let's use 700 minutes (I chose this number because I know it's divisible by 7)
If (3/7) of the total minutes are remaining, I would first multiply the fraction by the total number of minutes to determine the remaining number of minutes. 
(3/7) x 700 = 300 minutes
Now let's suppose there are 4 members of this family. I would divide the remaining amount of minutes by 4 to find the answer.
300/4 = 75
Hope this helps!