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The perimeter of a square is 124 cm. how long is each side? What is the area of the square?

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2 Answers

Divide 124 cm by 4 = 31 cm
each side of the square is 31 cm 
For the AREA OF THE SQUARE multiply ~
31 cm * 31 cm = 941 cm
the answer is 941 cm 


Hello Jill,
It should be 961 sq cm
Oh thank you - you are absolutely right..... I was did it way too quickly thinking I had it without trying. I appreciate that you corrected me. It will make me slow down and check my work - like I instruct my students ????  (embarrassed )
Each side = x
x=31. cm
So, side of the square= 31cm
Area of the square= 31*31
                           =961 sq cm