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Can you help me with the problem on vapor pressure?

The temperature inside a pressure cooker is 115°C. Calculate  the vapor pressure of the water inside the pressure cooker. What would the temperature be if the vapor pressure was 3.5 atm?

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Once again, you should familiarize yourself with the Clausius-Claperyon equation. 
ln P1/P2 = ∆Hvap/R (1/T2 - 1/T1)
Convert 115ºC to K = 388 K = T2
T1 = 373 K
P1 = 1 atm
P2 = ?
R = 8.314 kJ/mol-K or 0.008314 J/mol-K
∆Hvap = 40.7 kJ/mo or 40,700 J/mol
For the second part, use the same equation and substitute 3.5 atm as P2 and solve for T2.