Helayna I.

asked • 12/24/17

Which type of radiation would be most useful in examining the dimensionality of molecules?

(A) Ultraviolet
(B) Visible
(C) Infrared
(D) Microwave

Arturo O.

Are these the only choices?  Molecular dimensions are of the order of angstrom units, which is in the wavelength range of x-rays.  However, x-rays are not among the choices.


Philip P.

In general, the shorter the wavelength, the better the resolution of the radiation.  X-rays (as Arturo points out) would have a shorter wavelength than any of the listed choices.  But, given the choices, which would have the shortest wavelength?


1 Expert Answer


Arturo O.

With the exception of vacuum ultraviolet and extreme ultraviolet, ultraviolet wavelengths are in the range of about 1000 to 4000 angstroms, which makes them way too large for measuring atomic and molecular dimensions, which are of the order of angstroms.  The list of choices really need to include x-rays.


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