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Revenue Management EMSR b question please Help ITS URGENT!

Consider the revenue management problem of an airline. They need to decide how many tickets to sell to four customer classes, who arrive in the order of their price rate. The price and demand information for the customer classes are as given below (assume demand is normally distributed for all customer classes).
j p_j μ_j σ_j
1 1200 30 5
2 900 50 10
3 800 60 10
4 500 100 20
a) If the capacity of the airplane is 200, find how many seats must be reserved for each customer class using EMSR-b heuristic.
b) Suppose the demands turn out to be D4=80, D3=45, D2=58, and D1=32. How many seats of the plane remain empty? What is the total revenue of this flight?

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