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Is it possible to write something small on your glasses, put them on, and read it?

I saw this in a movie awhile ago and I recently wondered if this is possible. The person in the movie was competing in a game contest and wrote a cheat code in his glasses. Is it actually possible to read something that small and that close to your face even if you have above average eyesight?

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Yes, see
Although why spend the time on doing it rather than learning the material?
Knowledge lasts longer than tap on glasses!


You can do it, as indicated in the video that Mark found for you.  But you can only fit an extremely small amount of material on those glasses, unless you have microscopic vision and can read a lot of text in microscopic size print.  Given all the work you must go through to print a very short answer on the glasses, I think it is easier to just memorize the material than go through the hassle of making the cheat sheet, and you may even learn and retain something along the way!