Karma L.

asked • 12/12/17

Um, please help me with this math problem! I need desperate help!

So, I have been working on a problem for the past 2 days, and still haven't gotten it yet. I need help please. So, the question is: A green minivan starts at the Canadian border and heads south for Seattle on !-5. At the same time, a red sports car leaves Seattle and a blue pickup truck leaves Everett. The car and the pickup are heading for the Canadian border. The minivan travels 65 mph. The pickup travels 50 mph. The sports car travels 75 mph. When and where will the pass each other on the high way? You will show all of this using all of the representations we have discussed so far: a table, a graph, and equations. A hint to get you started: Use the distance from Seattle as you calculate the highway distance for each vehicle. (Seattle is 0 when graphing). Here is an edit: The distance in total, is 130 miles, the starting point being Seattle, then to Everett, which in between Seattle and Everett is 30 miles. Then from Everett to Canadian border is 100 miles, in total, making it 130 miles. I dont get how to find ANY of it, cuz I'm dumb, please help me out with this one? It means a lot to me if you help!

Mark M.

1) Where is Everett?
2) What is the distance between the three starting points.
3) No wonder you can't proceed.


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David W. answered • 12/13/17

I'll help you understand math!

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