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I don't know how to get number of regular hours and number of holiday hours...

"Shawn Ames is a salaried exempt employee at Rush Elevators with a contract that stipulates 37.5 hours per week at $75,000 per year. He is married with three withholding allowances. This pay period there was a company-paid holiday for three days. Calculate Shawn’s biweekly pay based on a standard five-day workweek. (Hint: determine Shawn's hourly wage to determine holiday pay.) (Round your answer for "Hourly Rate" to 5 decimal places and your other answers for hours and earnings to 2 decimal places.)"
The answers for regular hours and holiday hours are:
# of Reg. hrs= 52.5
# of holiday hours = 22.5
But how do you get the numbers for regular and holiday hours?

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