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I need three points for an essay of why Americans shouldn't be seen as only their democratic values.

I need three points to turn into paragraphs. I have my introduction paragraph completed, I just can't come up with the thesis.

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Hi Lauryka from Walton,KY...hope you had a great weekend...getting ready for the new school week? Hope this gets back to you with enough time to get your essay together.
Great are some bullet points...hope they help, it would be nice to hear back from you about what your final essay turned out to be.
  • Certainly democracy was proclaimed and celebrated at the time of the writing of the Declaration of Independence and subsequently writing of the Constitution, however one should need to know that it only applied to men, in particular 'white men'.
  • Women were still seen a property and had little or no rights, until 1920 when the amendment allowing women to vote, but even then, women, up until today are abused
  • African Americans weren't granted citizenship until 1880 but there were laws in certain states which prevented them to vote until the 1960s
  • Native Americans weren't recognized as citizens of the US until 1924 and granted the right to vote until 1948.
  • So the US hasn't always been a democracy, so the policies which have prevented certain segments of the US population has never been equal, in spite of the Declaration of Independence clearly stating that '...all men are created equal.' 
  • Democracy has always been interpreted by those in power, in the Legislative, Judicial and Executive Branches of our government. One need only understand the reasons for the Civil War being fought as to why the country was divided.
  • Recently, one only need to understand the disparity of those who served in the Vietnam War and those who used certain provisions to keep from serving, either by deferments or legal manuevers to not being drafted to serve
These are just some points to consider. Hope they help
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