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Verify that the one-way Anova identity holds

Consider the three samples listed in the table:
A 1,3,5
B 0,6,2,5,2
C 3,12,6,3

Obtain the sample mean and the sample standard deviation of each of the three samples.Obtain total sum of squares (SST,)treatment sum of squares (SSTR,)and error sum of squares (SSE)by using the defining formulas and verify that the
one-way ANOVA identity holds.Obtain SST, SSTR, and SSE by using the computing formulas.
Construct the one-wayANOVA table


Chastity: This is a straightforward computational problem.  Please do it yourself and oblige.  Thanks.  If you simply can NOT, post a comment saying and I will baby-walk you through the problem.  No hard feelings.
Dattaprabhakar ("Dr. G.")

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