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The average spped of the winner of a race was 2.78 miles per hour faster than the person who finished 1 hour behind him. find the time that the winner took to

run the 16 mile course
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2 Answers

Remember r*t=d   so if the slower runner runs at a rate of r, the winne is r + 2.78. since they both ran 16 miles, we can represent  each times as 16/(x+2.78) and 16/x for the winner and other runner. Since the winner ran in a shorter time by an hour, we can write the equation 16/(x+2.78) + 1 = 16/x .  making lcd and canceling we get 16x + x^2 + 2.78x = 16x + 44.48 . This becomes 
x^2 + 2.78x - 44.48 = 0. Plug into quadratic formula and you get two answers, one of which is negative and rejected. The other answer comes to be approximately 5.42 mph. plug in other expressions to get 8.2 mph and the two times result in 1.95 hr and 2.95 hr. Therefore winning time of 1.95 hr.
16=(r+2.78)*t (the winner was 2.78 mph faster)
16=(r)*(t+1) ( the loser took 1 hour longer to finish)
they are both equal to 16 so set them equal to each other
subtract rt from both sides
substitute into either equation; I used the first
use the quadratic equation
1.95 hr=t
t=1.95 hr for the winner
t=1.95+1=2.95 hr for the loser
r=5.425 mph for the loser
r=5.425+2.78=8.205 mph for the winner
16=8.205*1.95=15.9997 for the winner
16=5.425*2.95=16.0037 for the loser